Full speed ahead!

Life is so crazy right now. Crazy good – but crazy busy! The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas has ALWAYS been my favorite. I love having family around (especially having my little brother and his amazing girlfriend home from college), cooking yummy meals and just the overall good mood that most people are in during this time of year. This year I have a new favorite reason to love the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas…..

OUR BABY GIRL IS TURNING ONE! I really can’t believe that she is turning 1! I am so excited to celebrate with all of our friends and family this weekend! Her birthday is November 30th! This time last year I was SUPER pregnant since my due date was the 23rd of November. We were all sitting around the table anxiously waiting for Brooke to arrive. This year we will celebrate with her sitting at the table with us!


She makes my heart melt and I am so THANKFUL for her.

I have SO much to do before Saturday. The first thing is Thanksgiving. My parents recently moved into a new house and we are excited to start new traditions at their new house. I am planning to bring a side dish and a dessert. I think I have settled on this loaded mashed potato casserole (YUM!) from A Night Owl Blog and these yummy looking Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies from Cooking Classy.

I am super excited to cook yummy food for by family. I know this is my husbands favorite holiday because he l.o.v.e.s to eat.

I am also working on a few fun DIY things for Brooke’s 1st birthday party! Bring on the late night and nap time tasks!


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